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Range and Event Info

Registration is open from 7:30am to 1:00pm.  

$10 per adult (16 and over), $5 ages 10 to 15, Under 10 shoots free, $25 for Family.

Primitive outhouse style restrooms are available.  

30 3D targets at varying ranges with combination of wooded and open field shots.

All flat ground for easy walking.

Bow hangers at every shooting station.

Practice Range with 10, 20, 30, and 40 yard extra large target butts.

Free water is available at the halfway point.  

Soda, bottled water, and snacks are usually available for a small fee.

2015 Schedule

Our 2015 shoots are scheduled on the 3rd Sunday of  April, May, June, August, and September.

  • April 19th
  • May 17th
  • June 21st (4-H Benefit)
  • August 16th
  • September 20th


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First Club Meeting

 The Beardstown Area Archery Club had it first scheduled meeting in 2015 last night (March 8th) at the Hardee’s in Beardstown.  A disappointing grand total of five members attended.  A vote was held on whether or not to even keep the club going this year and it was a close thing but we decided to give it another try.  All you shooters out there, I can’t stress this enough.  If we don’t get several more volunteers to help with the work (setup, tear down, manning the counter during shoots, and range maintenance) this club won’t make it much longer. 

We decided on a schedule that will be much like last year except for not having a March shoot.  I repeat, there will be no shoot this month.  There’s just too much work to be done out there to be ready in time.  We will be shooting on the third Sunday of April, May, June,  August, and September.  Just like last year, the proceeds from the June shoot will be donated to the local 4-H Shooting Sports Club.

At approximately 8:00 a.m. this Saturday March 14th we will have a general work day out at the range.  We will be setting up the practice targets, trimming some down trees, clearing brush from the lanes, and picking up trash.  Any and all help is appreciated.

With enough wooded area to make the shoots fun and level ground with sandy soil to keep it from getting muddy, we are fortunate enough to have one of the best ranges in the area.  Please, Please, Please volunteer to help us keep this range open.

If anyone is interested in helping, please contact Jamie Daniels at (217) 891-5719.  If I don’t answer please leave a voicemail and I’ll call you back.



Jamie Daniels
Beardstown Area Archery Club - Secretary


Club Planning Meeting Sunday March 8th

The Beardstown Area Archery Club will be operating on a limited shooting schedule again this year.  We will be meeting Sunday March 8th at 6 p.m. at the Hardees in Beardstown.  At this meeting we will set the 2015 shooting schedule.  The number of shoots highly depends on how much help we get.

The club has struggled these last few years with declining membership.  "Working" members are needed to help setup and tear down for shoots.  Also, help is needed with range maintenance for things like mowing and weed trimming.
The hard fact is that unless we get some new "working" members, this may be our last year.  It's so hard to understand why I hear so much about the growing popularity of archery and yet so many of the clubs in the area have failed in the past few years.  Please spread the word to any and all who enjoy having a local club/range.  We need YOUR help.
Jamie Daniels
Beardstown Area Archery Club - Secretary

June 15th Shoot is back on the schedule


4-H Shooting Sports Fundraiser

Sunday June 15th, 2014

7:30am to 1pm - $10.00 per person

Beardstown Area Archery Club Range

(located just off Arenz Lane outside of Beardstown, IL)


  • 30 targets

  • Mix of wooded and open field shots

  • Food and drink available

  • Contests and prizes

  • Proceeds benefit Cass County 4-H Shooting Sports Club


Lost Carbon Express Towel

 Someone lost a Carbon Express towel on the range today.  It's in the bow shack and can be claimed at our next shoot.  If you need it prior to our next shoot give me a call at 217.891.5719 and we can make arrangements to be out at the range for you to pick it up.


Lost Bow Stand

 Someone lost a bow stand on the range at our last shoot in March.  It's in the bow shack and can be claimed at our next shoot.  If you need it prior to our next shoot give me a call at 217.891.5719 and we can make arrangements to be out at the range for you to pick it up.


Easter Sunday Shoot

 Come on out and shoot with us this Easter Sunday.


New 10 Yard Practice Target

With so many youth shooters now attending our shoots, the club recognized the need for a 10 yard target on our practice range.  We now have a new 10 yard target stand and will have a large bag target out on shoot days.  Bring the kids to the next shoot on Easter Sunday and they can warm up just like the grown ups.


January 19, 2014 Meeting Minutes

The January 19, 2014 Sunday night meeting came to order approximately 7:00pm at Hardees in Beardstown. There were 14 people in attendance.

Due to a drop in volunteers in the last couple of years, there was a general discussion about keeping the club going. Past volunteers expressed a feeling of "burn out". Several at the meeting spoke in favor of keeping the club going and expressed a committment to helping with the work.

One idea to help minimize the workload was to reduce the shooting schedule. It was decided that for 2014, shoots will be held on the third Sunday in the months of March, April, May, August, and September. This is five shoots versus last year's seven.

An idea was floated to allow the local 4-H Shooting Sports Club to take over sales of soda and food, further reducing the work load on bow club members. 4-H Club representative Jamie Daniels said he'd take the idea to the 4-H club with the expectation it would be approved.

Secretary Rob Knous mentioned that we are running low on score cards and more needed to be ordered.

Condition of the range was discussed. 

It was decided that the third Sunday in February (weather permitting) will be a work day. Range clean up, trail and brush clearing, setup target butts, inpection of platforms, and other work to be performed.

Jim Page will continue as President
Roger Olroyd will continue as Vice President
Butch Crook will continue as Treasurer
Ron McCarthy will continue as Range Officer
Jamie Daniels was elected (shanghai'd) as Secretary

Club dues will remain $20 per individual and it was decided that family dues (immediate family only) will be $25.

It was decided that at the next meeting, club members will discuss purchasing more targets and inserts for existing targets.

The meeting came to a close around 8:30 pm


2014 Kickoff Meeting
Please join us at Hardees this Sunday January 19th at 7:00pm for our first club meeting in 2014. During this meeting we will set the schedule for the coming year and discuss other club business. Membership has declined over the past few years and the club is in desperate need of new members. If you like having a local archery range and club please participate. Hope to see you there. 

Bow Release and Allen Wrenches

There was a bow release and a set of Range Master Wrenches  found at the range today, if you lost either, please let me know and I will see to it they get returned!   


Last shoot of the year :(


Please join us this Sunday September 15th for our last shoot of this season.  It's been a great season and we hope to see all of you next year.  Good luck with your Fall/Winter archery adventures.


Lost Bow

 Hey folks, a fellow shooter needs your help.  Cory Rath was at our shoot yesterday and on his way out of the range lost his bow off the back of his truck.  He believes it fell off the truck as he turned off our sand lane and onto the blacktop road.  It's a Martin Pantera in a black hard case.  If anyone found it please contact Cory at (217)971-8763.


3D Shoot THIS Sunday 6-16-2013

Please join BAAC for our 3D shoot this Sunday (Father's Day).  Registration is from 7:30am until 1:00pm.  Bring the whole family for a "safari" in the woods.  Take down the majestic elk and slay the pink panther (if you can).  Watch out for the baboon.  He can get mighty onery.  Native deer and turkey are plentiful.  It's a great adventure for all but only if you come.

Dad's - this is a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with your family.  Life is short.  Don't miss out.



May 19, 2013 3D Shoot

We welcomed 33 shooters to our range for yesterday’s shoot.  Although it was a bit warm for the later shooters, the morning was beautiful.  The scores have been posted and weren’t too shabby considering the gnat factor.  Yes, the gnats were horrible but will hopefully be all cleared out by next month’s shoot.  Thanks for coming. 


3D Shoot THIS Sunday 5-19-2013

 Hey everyone.  We're having a 3D Shoot this Sunday May 19th.  Registration starts at 7:30am.  The weather forcast calls for perfect bow shooting weather.  Come on out and bring the entire family for some fun on the range.  Don't forget your bug spray for the ticks and your Buggins or vanilla spray for those dang gnats.  Happy shooting and hope to see you there.


The ticks are bad this year in every wooded area.  Remember the bug spray when you come to the next shoot.



New Practice Target Butts

 Our practice range was recently upgraded with new Pacific Bow Butts.  The new butts were installed at 20, 30, and 40 yards.  Thanks to Butch for all the hard work.


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